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Interior-R Interior-L
Interior-back ICE-3

Note the "stealth" satellite-receiver install in the glove box...the antenna is mounted under the wing on the hatch.
Engine-L Engine-R
Thorley(1) Thorley(2)

We won two awards at Supras Invade Las Vegas VII, October 2003.


    Basic Performance mods:

  • Brullen 2.5" cat-back exhaust system
  • Brullen high-flow cat
  • Doug Thorley header
  • Addco sway bars - front and rear
  • Eibach springs
  • Tokico struts and shocks
  • Rabid Chimp custom intake system
  • LJM MkII front strut-tower brace
  • RedLine tranny and differential fluids

    Appearance/Entertainment Upgrades:

  • Sony hard-disk CD/MP3 head unit
  • Sirius satellite radio receiver
  • Fosgate amp and 10" subwoofer
  • Custom subwoofer enclosure
  • Nardi steering wheel
  • Compomotive CXN 16x8" wheels


        I've owned the two-tone blue '84 MkII since '87.    Although I've enjoyed driving the car for years, I didn't think about getting another one until after the Supras Invade Las Vegas show in October of 2002...I began to think that it'd be great to have one MkII that I could modify fairly extensively, and another that I could keep fairly stock and pristine.    A lot of people on the MkII forum ( have more than one Supra and are doing just that.     So, I began looking in earnest for another one.     This car was advertised for sale at a mini-meet in Vancouver, BC, Canada, in February 2003.     Thanks to help from Seamus ("SupraFiend" on the forum), who was willing to help out on the Canadian side, we managed to do the deal, and he brought the car down for me in March.     It is a (previously) one-owner car which had been very well-maintained, with only 124,000 kilometers on the clock, and was in very good shape save a few rust spots and some other minor cosmetic details.    It came with a very clean leather interior and the digital dash cluster option, which was not available on the P-type '85 MkIIs in the U.S.

        After a few basic performance upgrades, a complete stereo upgrade, removal of all rust and a paint job (the original factory color, of course), the car is as seen above.     It took the "Best of Show - Stock" and the "Best In-Car Entertainment" awards in the MkII class at the Supras Invade Las Vegas show in October 2003 (there are pictures from the meet here).     It will remain basically stock, save for the BPUs and the wheels.     The '84 went turbo, the 7M-GTE transplant having been done in November 2003. Rabid Chimp SOGI

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