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All right, give me a break...this page is not meant to be anything profound - just an effort to distribute a bit of myself into the nebulous expanse of cyberspace...

I'm a family doc at Kaiser Permanente's clinic in Simi Valley, California. My copious (ha!) free time is spent riding my motorcycles, hurtling down mountains at Mammoth, and at least 40 feet under water (usually taking pictures); sometimes I can be found in front of this machine (I'm a software/hardware jockey and do some programming and consulting "on the side" for my friends, colleagues, and Kaiser). I have no time for blogging.

I've also begun doing some small-scale computer consulting (home and small-business networking (Linux and Linux-Windows networks, firewalling), hardware, Web design, etc.).    If you're interested, or know someone who is, drop me an e-mail. Thanks!

This server is a home-brewed AMD Athlon-64 2-GHz system, running the 64-bit Debian distribution of Linux. I have other machines running the Mandriva, Gentoo, and Ubuntu distributions. Most run the WindowMaker GUI - here's a screenshot).

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